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Servicing a Naim NAP135 power amplifier with Sic-Safco Promisic Capacitors

We are able to offer servicing of Naim Audio components using the same or comparable components that are often hard to source. We now have the electrolytic capacitors in stock to service the Naim  NAP 250.2 and NAP300 and NAP500.

Should you feel comfortable doing your own service work, we can  supply components directly to you. We stock a range of capacitors, used in Naim Audio equipment including; KEMET, Sic-Safco, Felsic, Kendeil, Dubilier.

It is important to use the correct components for servicing Naim equipment. Regardless of the subjective performance of other components, such as Kendeil, for example, original Naim Hi-Fi equipment is worth more in original condition.

Naim Audio Chrome bumper and olive servicing

Naim NAP200 being serviced with genuine Naim replacement components.

What Happened To BHC?

"In April of 2006, under the new leadership of Mr. Per-Olof Loof , KEMET acquired the tantalum business of EPCOS AG. One year later, the company acquired the Evox Rifa, BHC family of companies, and in October 2007, KEMET added Arcotronics. These acquisitions strengthened KEMET's global position, particularly in Europe, in addition to expanding the company's product portfolio with additional capacitor types, broadening its technologies, and allowing the company to better service new and existing customers."

Traditionally, many of the parts that are required for serving Naim equipment have been hard to source (in sensible numbers).

We have gone to great lengths to open up the availability of these electronic components so that there is a viable alternative to the Naim “approved” route.

We very much recognise that many people are audiophiles, but not necessarily hugely wealthy (or frivolous).

Many of our customers have spent vast sums on their hi-fi systems and are enthusiasts, not millionaires.They want to preserve the originality of their hi-fi systems without spending the earth.

This site is intended to provide information on Naim replacement capacitors and parts. Our e-commerce site; http://intuneaudio.co.uk has the full range of parts and capacitors on it which can be purchased online.